• Name:Lance Bustermen
  • Age:28
  • Hight:6'
  • Weight:unknown
  • Status: Dead.

Lance is the Second in command of V.A.A.S. His teammates gave him the nick name of "Rig", because he is also the explosives specialist. He leads Boston Ortiz and Mike Lord in Barn House when Van Preston said he thought there were 2 Nest's in the house. 1 up stairs, 1 in the basement. Van lead Derek Brodnicks and Linny up stairs, while Lance lead the other down stairs.


The Escape is after the Barn house when they kill all the Common Vampires, Dracula shows up and they can't kill him so they escape in the Jeep to make their escape. Luckily this Dracula can't come outside in this story. Lance drives the getaway.......(More Later). Oh ya, i have know clue who the picture of the is, i just found it on google images and thought it could be a cool Lance.

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